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    Selected travel routes for Spring Festival holiday unveiled in Taiyuan


    As the 2024 Spring Festival approaches, the Taiyuan bureau of culture and tourism has unveiled an array of exciting travel routes, inviting visitors to come to Taiyuan and celebrate the joyous traditional Chinese New Year together.

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    Taiyuan Northern Qi Dynasty Mural Museum


    The Taiyuan Northern Qi Dynasty Mural Museum in Wangjiafeng village, Taiyuan, opened to the public on Dec 20.

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    Taiyuan Dialect Museum opens branch


    A branch of the Taiyuan Dialect Museum opened on Nov 26 in Taiyuan Ancient County.

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    Bell Tower Street


    Located in Taiyuan, Zhonglou Street, also known as Bell Tower Street, is named after a bell tower which was built there during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

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    Taiyuan updates festive travel routes


    The Taiyuan bureau of culture and tourism released its Spring Festival themed travel routes on Jan 16, inviting tourists to come to the city of Taiyuan to spend the holiday.

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    Taiyuan Botanical Garden


    Taiyuan Botanical Garden, located at the foot of Taishan Mountain in Jinyuan district of Taiyuan, was the city's first botanical garden to be established.

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    No 802 Factory • 1988 Naval Culture Park


    The first navy-themed cultural park in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, started construction in local Yingze district on June 13.

  • 太原纯阳宫又称吕祖庙,因供奉吕洞宾而得名。摄影:彭可儿_副本.jpg

    Chunyang Palace


    Chunyang Palace in Taiyuan is a Taoist temple with great historical and cultural values.

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