A hall of the branch of Taiyuan Dialect Museum at the Cui Family Courtyard in Taiyuan Ancient County. [Photo provided to goshanxi.com.cn] 

A branch of the Taiyuan Dialect Museum opened on Nov 26 at the Cui Family Courtyard in Taiyuan Ancient County in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province. 

From 2018 to 2021, the Taiyuan Cultural Center conducted comprehensive and systematic recordings of the Taiyuan dialect from eight local counties, county-level cities, and districts. With a deep understanding of the current usage and evolution of the Taiyuan dialect based on the collected data, the Taiyuan Dialect Museum was established at the center in July 2021.


Exhibits related to the Taiyuan dialect are on display at the museum. [Photo provided to goshanxi.com.cn] 

The branch at the Taiyuan Ancient County consists of four exhibition halls and two academic halls, including the Dialect Data Collection Hall, Dialect and Oral Culture Hall, Dialect Research Achievements Hall, and a hall for dialect research interaction and academic exchanges. 

Visitors can learn about the characteristics, collection process, and research achievements of the Taiyuan dialect and experience the charm of intangible cultural heritage projects based on the Taiyuan dialect, such as local folk drama and songs.  

The museum will further enhance the influence of the Taiyuan dialect, showcasing the cultural charm of Taiyuan through dialect recordings and promoting the spread of Taiyuan dialect culture.