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    Wang Changling


    Wang Changling (698-757), born in Jinyang (now Taiyuan in Shanxi province), was a famous poet who lived during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

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    Yin Aixian


    Xuemei Embroidery Workshop in Taiyuan was selected as one of 66 "exemplary cases" of supporting rural vitalization.

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    Zhang Jinfeng


    The Tianlongshan Grottoes Statue Painting Exhibition by local artist Zhang Jinfeng was launched in Taiyuan on Jan 12.

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    Zhou Zeqi


    Athlete Zhou Zeqi from Taiyuan showed her mettle at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou.

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    Li Shimin


    Li Shimin (598-649), the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), was a politician, strategist and poet.

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    Mi Fu


    Mi Fu (1051-1107), born in Taiyuan in North China's Shanxi province, is a famous calligrapher, ink painter, calligraphy and painting theorist and scholar from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).

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    Tang Shuyu


    Tang Shuyu was a local king in the ancient state called Tang – a position given to him by his elder brother, the ruler Ji Song, during the Western Zhou Dynasty (c.11th century-771 BC).

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    Yang Ye


    Yang Ye, a native of Taiyuan in Shanxi, was a famous general from the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (907-960) to the early Song Dynasty (960-1279).

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