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  • Taiyuan Twin Towers


    The Twin Towers, in the Yongzuo Temple, at Haozhuang on the eastern outskirts of Taiyuan, are the city's major symbol and landmark and are unparalleled anywhere across the country.

  • The Gao Junyu Former Residence Memorial Hall


    The Gao Junyu Former Residence Memorial Hall is a provincial-level cultural relic protection site and located in Fenglingdi village in Jingyou town of Loufan county in Taiyuan, capital of Shanxi.

  • Baiyun Temple


    Baiyun Temple is in a gully in the southeast of urban Taiyuan.

  • The Shanxi Arts Museum


    The Shanxi Arts Museum is located in the northwest of Wuyi Square in Taiyuan and it was founded on Chunyang Palace built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

  • Mengshan Giant Buddha


    Mengshan Giant Buddha is also known as Xishan Giant Buddha and it is located in the northwestern of Sidi village in Jinsheng township of Jinyuan district in Taiyuan.

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