Jinshang Museum showcases the development and achievements of the Jin merchants. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

As the May Day holiday approaches, the Taiyuan bureau of culture and tourism launched six tourist routes, inviting tourists to embark on a delightful exploration of the city's rich culture and scenic wonders.

Route 1: Jinshang Museum - Shanxi Museum - Taiyuan Library - Shanxi Nature History Museum

Jinshang Museum provides detailed introduction of the development and achievements of the Jin merchants. Centered around the "Jin spirit," Shanxi Museum showcases the beauty of Shanxi's historical and cultural heritage from various cultural perspectives.

Taiyuan Library serves as the cultural hub of the city, while Shanxi Nature History Museum is the only professional scientific museum in Shanxi to explore mineral resources and earth sciences.

Route 2: Zhonglou Street – Wendao Lane - Jinyang Ancient City - Taiyuan Ancient County

Zhonglou Street and Wendao Lane are teeming with life. Jinyang Ancient City is where Taiyuan was first established, while Taiyuan Ancient County is another historical center and must-visit.


Taiyuan Ancient County has stood for all of Taiyuan's 2,500-year history. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Route 3: Shuangta Temple - Yuquanshan Suburb Forest Park - Taiyuan Botanical Garden - Jinci Park

These scenic spots are famous for their various flowers and natural scenery.

Route 4: Fourth phase of Fenhe Park - Taiyuan Zoo - Forest Park - Taiyuan Fantawild Adventure

People can get close to nature at the parks and zoo and enjoy colorful festivals and lively celebrations at Taiyun Fantawild Adventure.

Route 5: Tianlong Mountain - Longshan Mountain - Taishan Mountain - Juewei Mountain

Lush vegetation and breathtaking natural landscapes are intertwined with historical and cultural landmarks at these scenic spots.

Route 6: Liujiapu village - Senxi Valley - Tianyi Mountain Villa - Diantou Ancient Castel

These are ideal destinations to learn about the ancient history and enjoy the rural scenery of Taiyuan.