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    No 802 Factory • 1988 Naval Culture Park


    The first navy-themed cultural park in Taiyuan, capital of North China's Shanxi province, started construction in local Yingze district on June 13.

  • 太原纯阳宫又称吕祖庙,因供奉吕洞宾而得名。摄影:彭可儿_副本.jpg

    Chunyang Palace


    Chunyang Palace in Taiyuan is a Taoist temple with great historical and cultural values.

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    Fantawild Oriental Heritage Amusement Park


    The Fantawild Oriental Heritage Amusement Park in Taiyuan opened to the public with great fanfare on July 23.

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    Recommended summer travel routes in Taiyuan


    The Taiyuan bureau of culture and tourism released a number of local summer travel routes on July 17.

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    Taiyuan Ancient County


    The Taiyuan Ancient County of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was recently opened to the public, after some eight years of restoration.

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    Longshan Mountain


    A visit to Longshan Mountain in the suburbs of Taiyuan can be a surprise to those who like to explore the history of Taoist arts.

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    Di Renjie Culture Park


    A park in memory of ancient high official Di Renjie (630-700) opened to the public on Dec 1 in Taiyuan.

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    Beilin Park


    Renowned calligrapher Fu Shan's classic works inscribed on stone tablets in hidden gem of Taiyuan.

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