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  • Self-driving travel route recommended in rural Yangquan


    Here is a recommended self-driving travel route in rural Yangquan.

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    The Great Wall travel route


    Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province has a few existing sections of the Great Wall.

  • Taihang Mountain travel route


    Taihang travel focuses on the Taihang Grand Canyon, Wangmangling scenic area and the House of the Huangcheng Chancellor. It includes the Taihang water village, Tianji Mountain and Yushan Mountain.

  • A journey to discover ancient villages


    Ancient villages are the embodiment of architectural techniques, national cultures and genuine memories of ancestors.

  • Horse riding custom spurs tourism boom


    On a bluestone road, performers in ancient Chinese costumes charge on horses, stretching their arms and shouting all the way through.

  • Turn back the clock


    Time freezes in Dachang, a 1,000-year-old village in Yuxian county of Shanxi province. The same can be said about the lives of the 16 villagers, two cats, one dog, some 30 chickens and 70-plus goats.