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Appreciating spring flowers in Shanxi

Updated: 2023-03-20


A train passes through a sea of peach blossoms in Yuncheng city. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

North China's Shanxi province is an ideal tourist destination for spring outings. The province is rolling out a colorful map of blossom viewing from south to north this spring. 

Peach blossoms

Flowering period: March to early May


Hengshan Mountain scenic area in Hunyuan county, Datong

The famous Hengshan Peach Blossom Cave at the scenic area is where the legendary peach blossom fairy lived. Every April, peach blossoms bloom all over the mountain, creating a pink wonderland. 

Shenhai Wetland Park in Shentou town, Shuozhou

In early spring, peach blossoms can be seen everywhere in the wetland park. Visitors can enjoy the peach blossoms there while tasting local special Shentou fish.

Taolingou scenic area in Pingtan town, Yangquan

This scenic area is an eco-tourism resort integrating entertainment, leisure, sightseeing and fruit picking. Every April, the peach blossom forest looks like a crimson cloud wrapping around the mountains. Here, tourists can also taste specialties such as special liquor, minced pork noodles, and yogurt.


People view apricot blossoms in Chang Family Manor in Jinzhong. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Apricot blossoms

Flowering period: March to mid-to-late April


Wanbailin Ecological Park in Taiyuan

This park is one of the closest forests to the urban area and a great place for tourism, leisure and entertainment. There are more than 5,000 apricot trees in the park, and every April, pink and white apricot blossoms bloom along the hillside and in the valley. 

Zhaojiazhuang village in Fanshi county, Xinzhou

In addition to the fully-bloomed apricot blossoms, visitors can also see various vegetables used as food ingredients as well as poultry. There are also Baishui apricots, which are large, juicy, and sweet.

Fenjiu cultural scenic area in Xinghuacun town, Lyuliang

Tourists can not only visit the ruins of Fenjiu liquor workshop and Fenjiu Museum surrounded by apricot blossoms, but also drink Fenjiu liquor in the country's largest antique architectural characteristic wine city. 

Chinese redbud

Flowering period: March to May


Jiancaoping forest park in Taiyuan

The park is divided into four main areas – forest landscapes, an arboretum, a bird garden, and an artificial lake. During the flowering period, the most eye-catching flower is the Chinese redbud. 

Yongle Palace in Ruicheng county, Yuncheng

In addition to the ancient murals, Yongle Palace is famous for the Chinese redbud blossoms during the flower appreciation period. 

Zijing Mountain in Shuocheng district, Shuozhou

Zijing Mountain, which is home to over 100 kinds of wildlife, is a gene bank of living forest species in the city of Shuozhou. It is named after Su Wu, a legendary diplomat in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24). In addition to admiring the flowers, visitors can also admire the tales of the ancient figure and taste local specialties. 


Flowering period: mid-April to June


Jinci Temple Park in Taiyuan

The Jinci Temple Park is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with bridges, lotus ponds, rockeries, corridors, and pavilions dotted among the sea of peony blossoms.

Xiazhou ancient village in Zongai town, Jinzhong

This ancient village with a history of more than 1,500 years is home to vast swaths of peonies.