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  • Tips for consumption in Shanxi province


    Shanxi Provincial Administration for Market Regulation and Shanxi Consumers Association jointly issued consumption tips.

  • Yangquan Memory·1947 Cultural Park rated national nighttime consumption cluster


    Yangquan Memory·1947 Cultural Park in Yangquan city, North China's Shanxi province, has been selected as one of the national-level nighttime cultural and tourism consumption clusters, as recently announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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    Yangquan's district enhances nighttime economy


    Chengqu district of Yangquan city has been promoting its nighttime economy by utilizing various public spaces, commercial areas, pedestrian streets, and tourist attractions.

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    Policy support set to boost consumption


    China will deepen reforms to increase incomes, bridge urban-rural wealth gap.

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    Chengqu included in provincial night economy list


    Chengqu district in Yangquan city was recently included in the Shanxi provincial night economy pilot cities list.

  • Yangquan Riverside Mall


    Located at No 4 Taobei East Road in urban Yangquan, the Yangquan Riverside Mall is a 200,000 square meter comprehensive shopping, catering, leisure, and entertainment center.

  • The Arctic Ocean Hotel


    The Arctic Ocean Hotel in the downtown area of Yangquan city offers catering, accommodation, a spa, business conference facilities, a fitness center, entertainment, travel, shopping, and information services.

  • Yaolin Hotel


    Opened in June 2008, Yaolin Hotel in Pingding county's Yaolin Forest Park is famous for its beautiful natural scenery.

  • Yangquan Hotel


    Covering a total area of 46,000 square meters and a building area of 24,000 square meters, its annual reception capacity is about 100,000 people.