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  • Yangquan Coal Industry Group


    Yangquan Coal Industry Group is one of the five largest coal groups in Shanxi province and a comprehensive company with business spanning coal, coal chemicals, equipment manufacturing, real estate, finance and modern services.

  • Baidu Cloud Computing (Yangquan) Center


    The Baidu Cloud Computing (Yangquan) Center is located in the East District of the Yangquan Economic Development Zone, Shanxi Province, the hometown of Robin Li, founder of Baidu, the world's largest Chinese search engine.

  • Shanxi BTR New Energy Technology Co, Ltd


    Its main products include cathode materials for lithium ion secondary batteries, synthetic diamond purified powder, special carbon and isostatic pressing products.

  • SGL Quanhai Carbon (Shanxi) Co, Ltd


    Its service areas include ironmaking/steelmaking, aluminium smelting, electronic semiconductor, solar energy, high-temperature technology, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, chemical industry, energy and environmental technology, aerospace, and high-performance sporting products.

  • Hardtop Huaheng (Shanxi) Wear Resistant Casting Co, Ltd


    Established in 2007, Hardtop Huaheng (Shanxi) Wear Resistant Casting Co, Ltd. is a Sino-German joint company specializing in wear resistant casting production.