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  • Fan Meizhi


    Athlete Fan Meizhi from Yangquan, North China's Shanxi province, recently clinched the bronze medal in the women's team archery event at the 2024 National Archery Championship, which was held in Wenchang city, South China's Hainan province.

  • Zhao Nan


    Zhao Nan from Yangquan gained medal from the shooting event at the 19th Asian Games on Sept 27.

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    Yangquan's taekwondo rising stars


    Two athletes from Yangquan city stood out in the taekwondo event at the Chengdu FISU World University Games, which took place on July 30.

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    Zhang Hongliang


    Shanxi province craftsman displays a passion for preserving and innovating a millennia-old earthenware pottery style.

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    Hu Yicheng


    China won the gold medal in the women's team competition of the 2022 Trampoline and Tumbling Express World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Wang Ruigui


    Wang Rungui, chairman and general manager of Shanxi Yilin Chinese Herbal Medicine Planting Co based in the city of Yangquan, was one of the top 10 rural news figures in Shanxi province in 2021.

  • Ge Yinping


    From once being an ignorant apprentice who played with mud to becoming a master of arts and crafts, Ge Yinping – from Pingding county, administered by Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province – has now passed on the millennium-old artistic technique of Pingding-carved porcelain for four decades.

  • Hu Yicheng


    Hu Yicheng, an athlete at the Yangquan Sports School in Yangquan, was the first athlete from Shanxi to become world champion in women's synchronized trampoline jumping.

  • Zhang Hengshou


    Zhang Hengshou (1902-91), born in Guangou village in the city of Yangquan, was a well-known historian in China.