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May Day delights in Yangquan city: An essential guide

Updated: 2024-04-30

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An inviting verdant scenic area in Yangquan boasts lush greenery. [Photo/Yangquan bureau of culture and tourism]

As the May Day holiday draws ever closer, the prefecture-level city of Yangquan – located in North China's Shanxi province – is ramping up preparations for another surge in tourism.

Hotel bookings have spiked by 75 percent compared with last year, according to Ctrip data.

Yangquan has responded by diversifying its tourism offerings and enhancing its services to cater for all the personal preferences that visitors might have.

For one thing, on April 30 to May 5, Yangquan is hosting a Cultural Tourism Market at Memory 1947 Cultural Park. It's got 20 stands highlighting scenic spots, reputable travel agencies, cultural heritage exhibits, culinary delights and agricultural products.

The initiative, organized by tourism bureaus across Yangquan – along with local scenic spots, travel agencies and artisans – aims to showcase the city's unique cultural charms.


Banners toss about in the wind at the popular Niangzi Pass scenic area. [Photo/Yangquan bureau of culture and tourism]

On May 1-5, a cultural tourism team of 12 dancers in traditional Chinese garb will tour scenic areas like Niangzi Pass, Zangshan Mountain, Memory 1947 Cultural Park and the Xiahe Ancient Village. They'll engage in parades, demonstrations and other activities to help thrill the visitors.

Elsewhere, the ever-popular Niangzi Pass scenic area is staging an Enjoyable Journey at Niangzi Pass during May Day event – featuring ancient forts, waterfalls and family-friendly activities like DIY crafts and games. Adding to the excitement, the village is also hosting the inaugural Fun Rowing Competition.