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  • Zhu Cunye


    Zhu Cunye, born in Pingding county in Yangquan city in China's North Shanxi province in 1936, is a famous travel writer.

  • Robin Li


    Robin Li, male, of the Han nationality, non-partisan, was born in November 1968 in Yangquan city, Shanxi province.

  • Liu Cixin


    He is a senior engineer, a science fiction writer, and a member of the China Writers Association, the 9th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and the China Science Writers Association.

  • Zhang Jigang


    Zhang Jigang is a famous contemporary choreographer and artist in China. His works have been performed across China, and set the direction of the development of Chinese dance.

  • Gao Changhong


    Gao Changhong (1898-?), a native of Xigou village, Yuxian county, was a veteran of the "Kuangbiao Literary Society", of great influence in the history of modern Chinese literature.

  • Shi Pingmei


    Shi Pingmei (1902- 1928) was a famous Chinese writer. She was born in Xiaohe village in Pingding county, and later moved to Gugu Temple, Pingding town.

  • Zhang Mu


    Zhang Mu (1805-1849) was an important patriotic thinker, geographer, editor, and outstanding cultural celebrity in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). He was born in Pingding, and later moved to Dayangquan village (now Dayangquan village, Yijing town).

  • Dou Bin


    Dou was good at army management, and made many achievements in building and consolidating frontier defense and maintaining local security.

  • Lyu Sicheng


    He was a famous official in the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368). He held various positions in a number of areas including government affairs management and historical compilations. He was engaged in compiling and editing of Liao (907-1125) history, Jin (1115-1234) history and Song (960-1279) history.