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Yaolin Hotel

Updated: 2020-04-30

Opened in June 2008, Yaolin Hotel in Pingding county's Yaolin Forest Park is famous for its beautiful natural scenery. The hotel covers an area of 28.9 hectares and is composed of a main building, an auxiliary building, a gym, villa complex, and hillside restaurant. 

Based on the attractions of Yaolin Temple, the hotel will develop itself into a leading reception center in Shanxi province for business, government affairs, and conferences, as well as a first-class sports, leisure and health resort in the province.

Yaolin Hotel is 35 kilometers away from downtown Yangquan city, and 110 kilometers away from Taiyuan Wusu Airport.

Address: Yaolin Temple Forest Park, Pingding county, Yangquan, Shanxi province

Tel: 0353-7058888