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Yangquan's district enhances nighttime economy

Updated: 2023-07-18


Visitors tour around Yangquan Memory·1947 Cultural Park in the evening. [Photo/Shanxi Daily] 

Chengqu district of Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province has been promoting its nighttime economy by utilizing various public spaces, commercial areas, pedestrian streets, and tourist attractions. 

The district initiated the operation of six significant nighttime economy locations on June 20. These locations are Yangquan Riverside Mall, Xinglong Pedestrian Street, Yangquan Memory·1947 Cultural Park, Xihetan Night Market, and the ancient villages of Dayangquan and Xiaohe. 

The Yangquan Riverside Mall has been proactive in enhancing the shopping experience by organizing nighttime fashion events. These events are designed to provide more excitement to the shopping experience and include activities like live streaming and shopping carnivals. 

Similarly, the Yangquan Memory·1947 Cultural Park has introduced a range of cultural activities aimed at improving the cultural experiences of the residents. These activities include themed performances, night concerts, open-air film screenings, and creative markets. By organizing these events, the park aims to create a unique brand for nighttime cultural consumption and to provide a rich cultural experience for the residents.


Visitors pictured in a night market in Chengqu district in Yangquan. [Photo/Yangquan Evening News] 

In Chengqu district, festivals and events that showcase local tourism, cultural arts, and sports have been encouraged to take place at six important nighttime economy locations. 

The local government has made efforts to develop high-quality nighttime cultural and tourism experiences in Dayangquan and Xiaohe villages. This initiative aims to attract tourists for nighttime travel and consumption. 

Large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, home appliance retailers, and catering enterprises in the district have been supported in managing outdoor promotions and display activities within designated areas and specified times to further stimulate the vitality of the nighttime economy. 

Parks, squares, and commercial complexes have been all encouraged to host folk cultural activities, themed music events, and sports and fitness activities at night, providing residents with a wide range of options for entertainment and physical exercise. 

Private investors have also been encouraged to participate in this effort, with incentives for developing businesses such as cinemas and evening fitness clubs. By creating a diverse and engaging array of nighttime consumption platforms, the district hopes to enhance the quality of life for its residents while also boosting the local economy.


An aerial view of a night market in Dayangquan village. [Photo/Yangquan Daily] 

The district has made efforts to promote the growth of new nighttime economy businesses by providing accessible registration services for night market entities. They are helping micro-sized enterprises and individual businesses to register and acquire licenses. 

To boost more economic activity during nighttime hours, the district has implemented a program distributing consumption vouchers to incentivize spending. Additionally, it has fostered cooperation among businesses in related industries to coordinate and execute a variety of promotional events and initiatives that will help to sustain the nighttime economy. 

Over the years, the district has taken significant steps to improve the quality of public services in the area. This includes the provision of essential utilities such as water, electricity, and gas supply, as well as the establishment of efficient wastewater collection systems. Measures have been implemented to address concerns around catering oil fume treatment and waste disposal, especially in and around areas with a thriving nighttime economy. To ensure public safety and maintain order, the district has increased nighttime patrols, providing a reassuring presence for residents and visitors alike. 

As for transportation, the district has partnered with Yangquan Public Transport Co to establish seven accessible bus routes dedicated to the nighttime economy. Additionally, traffic signs and parking spaces have been added in areas where nighttime consumption is concentrated. 

Currently, there are over 300 stalls at the six main night economy sites. These stalls attract more than 20,000 visitors daily and contribute around 3.6 million yuan ($501,853.20) in nighttime consumption.