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Dynamic tourism drives rural revitalization in Yangquan

Updated: 2019-10-17


Visitors experience drifting on Hutuo River, which runs through Liangjiazhai town in Yangquan city. [Photo/yqnews.com.cn]

In recent days, Guo Qianna -- a government official responsible for tourism in Liangjiazhai town in Yangquan city -- has been particularly busy taking phone calls on advice for tour routes, tourism development plans and investment intentions.

That's because Liangjiazhai town has gone from being a relatively obscure and remote town to being a full-blown tourist hotspot. 

The town, 100 kilometers north from the urban area of Yangquan city and located along the Hutuo River, has been focusing on developing rural tourism and support businesses like catering and accommodation in order to promote rural revitalization. 

Liangjiazhai town started developing is tourism in the 1990s, as groups and individuals invested in building hotels there based on local hot springs and the abundant water resources of the Hutuo River. But few tourists went to the town due to its poor infrastructure and economic conditions.