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  • 15清徐徐沟背铁棍04_副本.jpg

    Qingxu Xugou Beigun


    In Taiyuan city's Qingxu county, the Xugou Beigun is a popular folk dance art form with strong local characteristics and involves balancing a child on a rod attached to one's back.

  • 14晋祠庙会01_副本.jpg

    Jinci Temple Fair


    Jinci Temple Fair is a traditional festival with a history of some 1,000 years.

  • 13中医养生——药膳八珍汤01_副本.jpg

    Bazhen Tang


    Bazhen Tang (commonly known as "Tounao") is a local, celebrated dish in Taiyuan that is known to be very beneficial for the health.

  • 12古建筑模型制作技艺01_副本.jpg

    Ancient architectural model-making techniques


    Ancient architectural model making techniques originate from the development of traditional ancient building construction technology.

  • 10六味斋酱肉传统生产工艺01_副本.jpg

    Traditional production of Liuweizhai braised pork with sauce


    Liuweizhai braised pork with sauce is a well-known Chinese time-honored gastronomic dish founded in Taiyuan city in North China's Shanxi province during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

  • 09月饼传统制作技艺(郭杜林晋式月饼制作技艺)04_副本.jpg

    'Guo Dulin' Shanxi-style mooncake making


    "Guo Dulin" Shanxi-style mooncakes are an exceptional product that reflects Shanxi's folk culture and customs.

  • 08传统面食制作技艺(龙须拉面和刀削面制作技艺)02_副本.jpg

    Traditional wheaten foods making


    Shanxi's traditional wheaten foods are home-cooked dishes with regional characteristics of Shanxi that have been produced, developed and created on the Loess Plateau for thousands of years.

  • 07琉璃烧制技艺01_副本.jpg

    Colored glaze firing techniques


    Taiyuan started producing colored glaze during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

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