The Taiyuan bureau of culture and tourism released its Spring Festival themed travel routes on Jan 16, inviting tourists to come to the city of Taiyuan in North China's Shanxi province to spend the holiday. 

The travel routes are focused on sub-themes such as folk customs experiences, winter sports, winter scenery appreciation, and cultural and leisure entertainment.


A folk performance is staged in Taiyuan Ancient County on Jan 14. [Photo/Taiyuan Daily]

Folk customs travel routes

Various traditional folk performances, such as yangko (a popular folk dance), martial arts, juggling, lion dances, lantern festivals, and temple fairs will be staged in the city.

To experience the charm of traditional culture, visitors can participate in a variety of cultural activities, such as archery, paper cutting, dough sculpting, and lantern making.

Route 1: Taiyuan Ancient County - Bell Tower Street - Yuquan Mountain Lantern Park - China Fushan Garden

Route 2: Jinci Museum - Mengshan Mountain scenic area - Taishan Mountain scenic area


Visitors view exhibitions at the Shanxi Museum in Taiyuan, Jan 14. [Photo/Taiyuan Evening News] 

Ice and snow sports travel routes

Many ski resorts and parks in Taiyuan will launch ice and snow entertainment programs, meeting the diverse needs of ski enthusiasts while allowing tourists to enjoy the beautiful winter scenery.

Route 1: Caiwei Manor ski resort - Xiling Ski Resort - Qingcaopo Laiwen Town - Yuquan Mountain Ice and Snow Park

Route 2: Daotian Park - Diantou Castle - Jinyang Lake Park 

Cultural and entertainment travel routes

Taiyuan's dazzling fireworks shows, various entertainment activities, and multi-themed cultural exhibitions allow visitors to have a relaxing, enjoyable and meaningful holiday.

Route 1: Fantawild Oriental Heritage Amusement Park - Qinglong Ancient Town - Taiyuan Botanical Garden - Huachen Agricultural Park

Route 2: Shanxi Museum - Puguang Temple - Yuantong Temple - Taiyuan Workers' Cultural Palace