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  • First-class college under construction in Taiyuan


    The construction of the Taiyuan College of Energy and Materials, operated by the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, started in Taiyuan in mid-August.

  • Taiyuan University of Science and Technology


    Taiyuan University of Science and Technology is an important personnel training, scientific and technological research and development base in China's major technical equipment field.

  • Taiyuan Institute of Technology


    Taiyuan Institute of Technology is located in Taiyuan City, capital of Shanxi Province.

  • Taiyuan University


    ​Taiyuan University, formerly known as Taiyuan College, was founded in 1984 and approved as a full-time general undergraduate college by the Ministry of Education in April 2013.

  • Taiyuan University of Technology


    Taiyuan University of Technology is a national-level university participating in the "double first-class" key construction project.

  • Shanxi Plinth International School


    The first boarding international school in Shanxi Province, Shanxi Plinth International School used to be the Global Education Team-center Shenzhen Research Institute of Xiamen University.

  • Shanxi University


    ​Shanxi University, established in 1902, is in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province, which has a history of 2,500 years.

  • Shanxi University of Finance and Economics


    ​Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (SXUFE) is situated in Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi province and a famous historical and cultural city in China.