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    Longshan Mountain


    A visit to Longshan Mountain in the suburbs of Taiyuan can be a surprise to those who like to explore the history of Taoist arts.

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    Di Renjie Culture Park


    A park in memory of ancient high official Di Renjie (630-700) opened to the public on Dec 1 in Taiyuan.

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    Beilin Park


    Renowned calligrapher Fu Shan's classic works inscribed on stone tablets in hidden gem of Taiyuan.

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    Jinci Temple


    Just 25 kilometers from downtown Taiyuan, Jinci Temple is a historic cultural site offering fine examples of ancient Chinese architecture, sculpture, frescoes and inscriptions.

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    Shele Park


    Shele Park in northern part of Taiyuan city is expected to open to the public by the end of this year.

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    Qinglong Ancient Town


    Qinglong Ancient Town, formerly known as Jinghaozui, was once a major town in North China.

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    Museums in Taiyuan


    Shanxi Museum in Taiyuan is the largest collection, protection, research and exhibition center of historical relics in Shanxi province.

  • Taiyuan Chongshan Temple


    Chongshan Temple is on Dilianggong St, in the Yingbin district of Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi.

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