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    Di Renjie


    The Tang Dynasty (618-907)'s famous detective and judge Di Renjie started his political career as a detective and was later promoted to a high-ranking judge and finally the prime minister of the country during the reign of Empress Wu Zetian (624-705).

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    Ban Jieyu


    Ban Jieyu (48 BC-2 AD) was a Han Dynasty writer.

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    Fu Shan


    Fu Shan (1607-1684) was a scholar in early Qing Dynasty.

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    Lian Po


    A native of Taiyuan, Lian Po (327-243 BC) was among the four renowned generals of the Warring States period, along with Bai Qi, Wang Jian and Li Mu.

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    Liu Yuan


    Liu Yuan (?-310), was the founder of the Han Kingdom during the 16 States period. His reign lasted from 304 to 310.

  • Wu Zetian


    Wu Zetian (624-705) was a native of Wenshui county in Bingzhou prefecture in Shanxi province.

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    Wen Tingyun


    Wen Tingyun (812-c.870), or Wen Qi, was a renowned poet in late Tang Dynasty.

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    Sima Guang


    ​Sima Guang (1019-1086) was a renowned historian and high-rank official in Northern Song Dynasty.

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