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  • Postponement of adoption


    Postponement of adoption refers to the situation in which the foreign adoption families, after receiving the Notice of Coming to China for Adoption, wish to postpone the coming to China for adoption because of different reasons that they cannot come to China for the adoption on schedule.

  • Fees to be paid for the adoption


    Foreigners who come to China to adopt children and go through relevant adoption formalities within the territory of China shall pay service fees to the China Adoption Center, and a registration fee to the registration organs as well as fees needed for the handling of formalities concerning visa and notarization.

  • Adoption Registration


    The document gives information about adoption registration.

  • Documents required for adoption of stepchildren by foreign citizens


    ​According to the No 2008-4 file issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, parties involved in stepchild adoption by a foreign citizen shall prepare and submit documents and papers as follows.

  • Basic adoption procedures for foreigners in China


    ​At present there are 17 countries that have established cooperative relationship with China in inter-country adoption.

  • Requirements for foreign adopters and adoptees


    The document gives information about foreign adopters and adoptees.

  • Suspension and withdrawal of the adoption procedure


    The document gives information about suspension and withdrawal of the adoption procedure.

  • Requirements for post-placement reports


    Adoption agencies should prepare post-placement reports for each adopted child in accordance with the intervals and frequency required by the China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA).

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