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Yangquan Museum celebrates International Museum Day with exciting events

Updated: 2024-05-17

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The Treasures of the Land of Jin: Natural Resource Specimens Science Exhibition. [Photo/Yangquan Museum]

The Yangquan Museum will host a grand celebration on May 18 in celebration of this year's International Museum Day. The event aims to raise awareness about the day and promote the museum's free admission policy. Promotional materials, including brochures about the museum and cultural relic protection laws, will be distributed to encourage more visitors to explore and appreciate the local historical and cultural heritage, thus enhancing cultural confidence and pride.

Visitors can participate in a traditional Chinese rubbing activity by scanning a QR code to follow the Yangquan Museum on WeChat or Douyin. This engaging activity allows them to create rubbings and stamp their works with a creative seal at the front desk, providing a hands-on experience of Chinese culture.

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The exhibits on display. [Photo/Yangquan Museum]

On April 30, the Yangquan Museum launched the Treasures of the Land of Jin: Natural Resource Specimens Science Exhibition. The exhibition highlights Shanxi's unique natural resources through vivid specimen displays that showcase the region's geological history, diverse mineral resources, rare biological species, and stunning geographical features.

The exhibition is divided into three sections: "Majestic Rocks: The Foundation of the Earth", "Natural Treasures: Flourishing Minerals", and "Rich and Precious: The Basis of Civilization". Featuring over100 specimens from the Shanxi Geological Museum, the exhibition offers an in-depth look at Shanxi's natural wonders and abundant mineral wealth.

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A canvas bag DIY activity that takes place on site. [Photo/Yangquan Museum]