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Shanxi releases annual manufacturing upgrading plan

Updated: 2024-01-18

Shanxi province will accelerate the establishment of a modern manufacturing industry system that embodies its advantages this year.

Efforts will be made to significantly transform and upgrade traditional advantageous industries, such as materials and chemical industries. Additionally, there will be a focus on developing and expanding emerging industries, such as high-end equipment, electronic information, and modern consumer goods. Forward-looking layouts will be implemented for future industries such as high-speed maglev trains, hydrogen energy, and quantum information.

Emphasizing concentrated and intensive development, the province plans to strengthen key industrial chains and implement a gradient incubation model for enterprises. The goal is to cultivate over 45 provincial "industrial chain-leading" enterprises and over 700 provincial key industrial chain enterprises throughout the year.

Shanxi will also focus on further developing its characteristic professional town layout. It plans to establish six or more new public service platforms for its provincial characteristic professional towns, as well as recognize six new provincial characteristic professional towns and over 10 such towns at municipal level.

Furthermore, the province will develop more provincial industrial clusters, establishing demonstration counties (districts) for the revitalization and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.