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Professionals with doctorates to serve Yangquan firms

Updated: 2023-12-19

Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province launched a special service on Dec 7 to get more high-quality doctoral degree students working in local enterprises. 

Fifteen candidates from Taiyuan University of Technology and Shanxi Agricultural University respectively reached cooperation intentions with 15 technological and agricultural enterprises in Yangquan. 

They signed on-site agreements to enter the enterprises and provide their service to these enterprises. 

They will mainly resolve technical problems, promote the transformation of companies' various achievements, and cultivate talent teams over a service period of one year.

They are required to provide services to the enterprises for no less than once a month, with each visit lasting at least two days. The total accumulated on-site service time throughout the year should be more than 30 days. 

Since the beginning of this year, Yangquan has focused on meeting the development needs of enterprises and addressing the challenges of introducing high-level talent.

This latest move is aimed at building a bridge for more cooperation between universities and enterprises and promoting the deep integration of intellectual resources from universities and industrial resources in the city.