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Yangquan launches electronic health cards

Updated: 2023-07-14

Yangquan in North China's Shanxi recently became the first city in the province to issue electronic health cards.

They come in the form of a unique QR code for each individual, making for a more convenient means of health identification. 

Residents of Yangquan can search and follow the WeChat public accounts of "Healthy Yangquan" or the "Healthy Yangquan Micro Service" and follow the instructions to apply and register for their electronic health cards. 

Once they have successfully registered, people can enjoy a range of online medical services, such as booking appointments, making online payments, recharging deposits, and making inquiries about such things as outpatient and inpatient records. 

The launch of the new health card service will facilitate continuous access to medical services and free basic public health services for the residents of Yangquan. 

It will also enable people to have a more dynamic understanding of their personal electronic health records throughout their life, making it easier for them to seek medical treatment and manage their health.