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Yangquan village named demonstration site for evening galas

Updated: 2023-05-05


A gala night in Sanquan village, Yangquan on May 3 [Photo/Yangquan Evening News] 

Sanquan village in Yangquan in North China's Shanxi province was recently included on the list of demonstration sites of village evening galas in spring announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The village is a major distribution and promotion area of several provincial intangible cultural heritage items, including Shanxi fahua (glazed porcelain) making, Yangquan Wenya Drum, and the Sanquan Temple Fair. 

In recent years, Sanquan has carried out a variety of activities to pass down and promote its local unique culture, creating a strong cultural atmosphere. 

Wang Haijin, top official of the village, said that several intangible cultural heritage shows are always staged during the galas. 

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, along with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as well as the National Rural Revitalization Administration, launched the "Year of Rural Cultural Activities" this year. 

Village evening galas in four seasons, which are a major event series of the "Year of Rural Cultural Activities" campaign, focus on advancing the normal and regular operation of evening galas in villages across four seasons, showcasing rural cultural development achievements.