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Yangquan holds annual people's congress

Updated: 2023-02-22


The 3rd session of the 16th Yangquan Municipal People's Congress opens on Feb 21 in Yangquan. [Photo/Yangquan Daily] 

The 3rd session of the 16th Yangquan Municipal People's Congress opened on Feb 21 in Yangquan, North China's Shanxi province, with 262 deputies attending. 

Liu Wenhua, mayor of Yangquan, delivered the municipal government work report that summarized the achievements made in 2022, as well as the new targets for the province's development in 2023. 

The municipal government work report set new targets for the city in 2023 in 10 aspects, including the development of a modern industrial system, a boost in consumption, the development of an intelligent and digital Yangquan, the optimization of its market system, reform and opening-up, talent cultivation, improving its ecological environment, and better living standards. 

This year, the municipal government will raise the financial subsidy standards for basic pensions and basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents. It will also build and renovate parks and street gardens, while completing 12 provincial tasks that will improve its people's well-being. 

Attending deputies examined the reports on Yangquan's overall budget revenue in 2022 as well as the draft budget for 2023. They also reviewed and discussed how the 2022 national economic and social development plan was implemented by the municipal government. Following that discussion, they discussed how they would implement the 2023 national economic and social development draft plan.