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Spring Art Gallery

Updated: 2022-10-13


The Spring Art Gallery opens in Yangquan on Oct 1. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

The Spring Art Gallery recently opened in the city of Yangquan, North China's Shanxi province.  

The approximately 2,200-square-meter gallery in 1947 Yangquan Memory Cultural Park consists of three exhibition halls built from renovated boiler rooms at the Yangquan Pump Factory as well as a series of newly-built rooms, providing a venue for art creation, cultural exhibitions, and academic exchanges. 


A woman looks at photos at the Spring Art Gallery. [Photo/Yellow River News]

It will be committed to improving the development of public culture and arts and assisting in the development of art education in the city, offering artists a display and exchange platform for academic discussion and creation. 

The new establishment is of great significance to the cultural life of locals, artistic talent cultivation, and Yangquan's cultural undertakings.


The Spring Art Gallery in Yangquan [Photo/Yellow River News]