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Yangquan makes progress in optimizing biz environment

Updated: 2022-08-12


Yangquan implements various policies and measures to optimize its business environment. [Photo/Yangquan Daily]

The city of Yangquan in North China's Shanxi province has implemented various policies and measures in recent years to optimize its business environment. 

It has further shortened examination and approval time, optimized the examination and approval of engineering construction projects, and improved handling efficiency.

In 2021, the handling time, procedures and required materials for municipal-level reform-related matters were reduced by 72 percent, 36 percent and 40 percent, respectively, compared with 2020.

The rate of online approval of construction projects continued to increase. The intelligent approval and registration of individual industrial and commercial households has been promoted and the registration process for business startups has been optimized, with startup registration now taking just half a day. 

In addition, Yangquan has set up three comprehensive service windows for social matters, people's livelihoods, commercial registration, and project approval in local government halls to realize integrated government services. The city has collected and integrated regulatory business data in one system to allow for the early warning of risks, traceability of processes, and supervision of problems. 

It has also promoted electronic and online bidding for public resource transactions and government procurement, enhancing efficiency. 

Internet-based government services have been advanced in the city as well, with 97.26 percent of municipal-level administrative licensing matters now handled online. 

Furthermore, the "Quanhaoban" channel has been launched on the mobile phone application of Sanjintong, allowing people in Yangquan to make housing fund queries and withdrawals, social security queriess, and pay water, electricity and communication bills using their phone app.