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Yangquan issues three-year digital economy development plan

Updated: 2022-05-27

The city of Yangquan in North China's Shanxi province recently issued a three-year action plan for the priority development of its digital economy in 2022-24. 

The plan is divided into three parts: general requirements, key tasks and measures.

According to the plan, by 2024, the added value of core industries in the digital economy should account for over 6 percent of local GDP, and the city should have over 400 digital economy-related market entities and at least 100 digital economy demonstration application scenarios.

The key tasks are the implementation of six major projects, including a digital infrastructure consolidation project, a digital industrialization cultivation project, and a new smart city demonstration project.

For the digital infrastructure consolidation project, Yangquan will speed up the construction of network infrastructure and the construction and layout of 5G base stations, and achieve full 5G coverage across the city.

For digital industrialization, Yangquan plans to build a vehicle networking industrial cluster and establish an autonomous driving data center. It will expand the information technology application innovation industry, boost the big data sector, and continue developing an intelligent manufacturing industrial cluster.

For the new smart city demonstration project, the city will build a smart education public service platform, a smart transportation integrated management platform, a smart emergency response platform, and a smart community comprehensive platform to uniformly manage cloud database resources and facilitate urban management.

Various measures will be taken to ensure that the plan succeeds. The city will implement national and provincial preferential policies concerning the digital economy and enact local policies for the sector, set up special funds to increase financial support for the development of the digital economy, and encourage research and development safety products to improve data security guarantee capabilities. 

In addition, the city will hold forums, lectures, training sessions, meetings, and competitions to expand the influence of Yangquan's digital economy.