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Yangquan holds key event to boost tourism

Updated: 2022-05-20


An event marking China Tourism Day and International Museum Day takes place in Yangquan, on May 18. [Photo/Yellow River News]

The city of Yangquan – located in North China's Shanxi province – recently staged a key event that was designed to boost its tourism.

It held the event on May 18, to mark International Museum Day on the same day and China Tourism Day on the following day – as well as to boost the vitality of the local tourism sector. 


A glance at an exhibition in Yangquan Museum [Photo/Yellow River News]

At the event, the Yangquan bureau of culture and tourism awarded nameplates to 21 institutions recognized as hands-on inquiry based learning (HIBL) and practice centers in the city, as well as HIBL centers on culture related to the Communist Party of China. 

The event also marked the operation of a direct tourist bus service to Cangshan Mountain in the city. 


Tourists visit the 1947 Yangquan Memory Cultural Park. [Photo/Yangquan Daily]

During May – while relying on its tourism and cultural relics resources and also remaining alert with its novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and controls – the city has been carrying out a wide range of cultural relics and museum-themed publicity activities.

In terms of promotions, tourist attractions in Yangquan will offer a preference to visitors and the city will also hold rural tourism festivals.

Yangquan will also encourage locals to travel around the city and boost their spending on cultural creativity, intangible cultural heritage displays, rural special products and HIBL activities.