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Yangquan recognized as provincial pilot city of innovation

Updated: 2021-10-12

The city of Yangquan recently made a list of 18 pilot cities, parks, and zones in Shanxi for the 2021 "Innovation China" announced by Shanxi Association for Science and Technology. 

"Innovation China" is an innovation, entrepreneurship, and creation service brand created by the China Association for Science and Technology. It aims to accelerate the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements by building a technical service and transaction platform that integrates resources and connects supply and demand so that technology can better serve local economic development. 

At the beginning of this year, the Shanxi Association for Science and Technology launched the construction of pilot cities, parks, and zones in Shanxi for "Innovation China", gathering talent and professionals and integrating technology and services to help enterprises promote the high-quality development of Shanxi. 

Yangquan will next work to attract innovation resources, accelerate the construction of a full-chain innovation system, and promote the deep integration of technology and economy.