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Pingding county recognized for functional food industrial development

Updated: 2021-08-26

Pingding county in the city of Yangquan was recently recognized as a superior area for a functional food industry cluster in Shanxi province in 2021.

Relying on local resources, Pingding county has focused on the intensive and deep processing of food industry in recent years by expanding its functional food industry based on local leading agricultural enterprises and industrial parks.

Bases for growing quality forsythia, miscellaneous grains, wormwood, sweet potato, as well as bee breeding areas, have been built in the county, with a series of local functional food brands making a name for themselves.

Pingding is currently promoting the construction of an agricultural product processing industrial park to promote the clustering of enterprises involved in the deep processing of agricultural products.

Next, Yangquan will further increase its support for the development of bases, enterprises, brands, and parks in Pingding county, build Pingding into a model for agricultural industrial development, and promote the in-depth development of the city's agricultural product deep processing industry.