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Yangquan inaugurates first internet hospital

Updated: 2021-07-27

The first internet hospital in Yangquan city was officially inaugurated at the Third People's Hospital of Yangquan on July 23. 

Utilizing an online medical service platform established by the Third People's Hospital of Yangquan, the internet hospital employs its official WeChat account to realize closed-loop operations for medical services.

It will carry out online follow-up consultations, telemedical consultations, electronic prescriptions, inspections and inquiries – as well as chronic disease management, drug deliveries and home care services.

This will greatly save time and money for patients travelling between home and hospital, meet the varied and individual medical and health needs of the public, while enhancing the the overall medical experience of patients. 

In recent years, the Third People's Hospital of Yangquan has increased its investment and personnel training in relation to the informatization of work and has worked on plans to establish the internet hospital.

According to a senior official, the hospital will now refine the effectiveness of the internet hospital – as well as fully implement various related medical services such as appointment registrations, video consultations, report queries, health file inquiries and online follow-ups – so as to serve more patients more efficiently.