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Yangquan boosts healthcare industry

Updated: 2021-06-01

Yangquan city, located in the eastern part of North China's Shanxi province, is on the move to boost its local healthcare industry, continuing a path to development established in recent years. 

From the perspective of industry positioning and city characteristics, the fit between the healthcare industry and Yangquan is said by many to be perfect. 

Yangquan is located in the middle latitudes and its summers are relatively cool, contrasting starkly with the summer heat in the surrounding Beijing, Hebei province, Henan province and Shaanxi province. In addition to its climatic good fortunes, it takes only one hour by high-speed rail to travel from the city to large cities with broad consumer markets such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Handan and Taiyuan. 

Jiang Siqing, Party secretary of Yangquan, said the city could rely on its special location, climate and medical infrastructure to draw investors to develop is high-end healthcare industry. This would attract consumers from Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei province to Yangquan for summer healthcare and leisure -- giving full play to market players in cultivating healthcare service brands and boosting the healthcare sector.

Zhongyuan Healthcare Theme Town is a benchmark healthcare project under construction in Yangquan. 

Hu Jinda, head of operation of the theme town, said that the project was a key investment venture valued by officials and locals alike in the city. 

The project -- bordered by Taolin Ditch Scenic Area and the geological park and forest park under development in the north -- is 10-mintue drive to several top hospitals in the city. 

It also includes a senior college, a kindergarten and a primary school, which can meet the needs of its residents. 

In addition to the benchmark project, Yangquan has also drafted the layout for its healthcare industrial development. The blueprints include two healthcare-themed towns, two forest healthcare bases, one healthcare complex and one healthcare-featured community.