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Yangquan moves to streamline its traffic management

Updated: 2021-05-19


Traffic policeman explain the new measures to a man in Yangquan. [Photo/Yangquan Daily]

The levels of motor vehicles and drivers in China have experienced rapid growth in recent years and Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province has been no exception, with an estimated 290,000 vehicles and over 390,000 licensed drivers there by the end of April. 

Facing the challenges posed by the dynamic growth, the Yangquan traffic management department recently announced it would implement 12 new measures from June 1, to streamline traffic management in the region.

The department announced measures to regulate trucks in the city and said it would also introduce temporary parking at night, to resolve congestion caused by trucks as well as resolve parking difficulties in the older communities, in particular.

The traffic management department will also introduce customized and convenient traffic control measures designed to help special groups such as senior residents, military personnel and people traveling abroad.

To further improve the level of online government services, the traffic management department will promote the online processing of motor vehicle licenses. 

Drivers can apply for a license through a mobile app called Traffic Control 12123, to show it when handling traffic control services and accepting law enforcement inspections. At the same time, the  e-driver's license will also be extended for use in such scenarios as car rentals and insurance purchases.

In addition, the Yangquan authorities plan to further innovate their internet-based traffic management services.

These include online handling of second-hand car transaction registrations, online verification of motor vehicle loan repayments information, as well as online inspections of evidence in relation to traffic accidents.