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Women contribute to urban development in Yangquan

Updated: 2021-03-09

Yangquan Women's Federation in Yangquan city mobilized women to make greater contributions to urban development and improved local women's lives in 2020.

During the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Yangquan Women's Federation organized its members and female residents to help prevent and control the pandemic's spread. Eleven female entrepreneurs donated anti-pandemic materials worth more than 2 million yuan ($306,598), and many female medical workers went to Hubei province to provide aid.

In terms of entrepreneurship and innovation for women, the federation organized vocational skills improvement training, offering 4,000 training opportunities. Eleven special online recruitment events were carried out, serving 2,389 female job-seekers and helping 106 women find employment. 

The federation has also been dedicated to caring for women and children.

It subsidized more than 1,200 children in need in the past year, with a funding amount of nearly 400,000 yuan. It also obtained 190,000 yuan in aid for 19 rural women with difficulties in life and suffering from cervical cancer or breast cancer.

While providing material assistance, the federation further implemented rights protection services to effectively protect women's rights and interests by increasing their understanding of the law and enhancing rights protection channels.

Legal classes were set up, and various legal activities were held, such as family moot court in communities and juvenile moot court trial observation. The 12338 hotline received 81 consultations related to public welfare services for women's rights.