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Yangquan continues COVID-19 vaccinations for high-risk groups

Updated: 2021-01-28


A woman receives COVID-19 vaccination in Yangquan city, Jan 12. [Photo/yqnews.com.cn]

Yangquan city has been promoting COVID-19 vaccinations for high-risk groups since Dec 30, according to Yangquan's health commission.

Key groups such as workers in cold chain logistics and transportation, medical and healthcare workers, overseas travelers and public security officials have been immunized.

Relying on qualified hospitals, community health service centers, township health centers and other medical institutions in the city, Yangquan has set up 38 vaccination sites, all of which are currently in operation.

Meanwhile, the city has established a city-wide medical treatment team to respond to abnormal vaccination responses. It has also created a city-level medical expert group composed of 35 members in six majors responsible for treating people who experience adverse reactions to the vaccine.