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Yangquan firm, Huawei further 5G tech cooperation

Updated: 2021-01-14

Huayang New Materials Technology Group based in Yangquan city and Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies Co have been furthering cooperation on 5G technological application and the new materials industry. 

Based on their joint construction of China's first 5G-based colliery in the city, the two sides will further expand 5G tech applications to coal mining to increase coal mine monitoring and control methods, improve safety and the efficiency of coal production. 

Huawei will include coal mine experts from Huayang New Materials Technology Group to facilitate its 5G-based artificial intelligence (AI) development in coal mining, its manufacturing of 5G-based AI coal mining equipment and the establishment of data centers.

The two sides will also explore further cooperation in new energy storage, especially in the photovoltaics field and green and energy-saving building materials, to achieve mutual benefits.