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Yangquan completes 11 big data application analysis scenarios

Updated: 2021-01-11

Yangquan Intelligent Energy Data Center in Yangquan city recently completed 11 big data application analysis scenarios in the fields of energy transformation, environmental protection, emission reduction, livelihood services and social governance.

The 11 big data application analysis scenarios cover 41 monitoring topics and 19 analysis models.

The analysis scenarios can monitor the energy consumption data of 51 companies in Yangquan city in real-time. They can also survey primary energy data related to coal, gas and other resources to realize the convergence, sharing, exchange and analysis of various process scenarios. 

The State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Co and Yangquan's municipal government signed a strategic framework agreement to co-build new digital infrastructure for the energy sector last June. Since then, the city has been advancing the center's development of big data application analysis scenarios.

Yangquan has been promoting industrial transformation and accelerating its development as a smart energy city by sharing data resources. It has also committed to making government decision-making more scientific, social governance more precise and public services more efficient.