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Yangquan develops integrated digital urban management

Updated: 2020-07-31

Yangquan city's digital urban management platform was recently connected to the national-level platform, becoming the second city in North China's Shanxi province to be so linked, following the provincial capital of Taiyuan city. 

Launched on March 1, 2017, the city's platform business scope covers 52 square kilometers in the local Chengqu, Kuangqu and Jiaoqu districts as well as the Yangquan Economic and Technological Development Zone. 

Officials said that to date, 35 government departments and public institutions related to urban management business have been connected to the platform. 

Yangquan Digital Urban Management Center has used it to help implement planning for 102 communities in Chengqu, Kuangqu and Jiaoqu districts this year. This has been applied in the map of the digital urban management system. 

The center has also collected data within a range of 5.8 sq km to Dalian Street in the north, Quandong Road in the east, Xinhua East Street in the south and Quanxi Road in the west. 

Officials said that moving forwards, the city will continue to upgrade the digital urban management platform and integrate its data resources. 

It will also use it for business guidance, information collection, overall coordination, command and dispatch functions, public services and emergency procedures -- so as to improve the efficiency and precision of Yangquan's urban management.