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Firm takes the lead in smart pharma logistics in Yangquan

Updated: 2020-07-20

Sinopharm Shanxi Yangquan Pharmaceutical Co -- based in Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province -- has innovated its business model and developed smart pharmaceutical logistics in recent years -- to meet the demand and strict requirements for pharma products.

"Due to the more individualized needs of customers in the pharmaceutical market, fast and accurate distribution services for pharmaceuticals and medical devices have become an important part of pharmaceutical distribution companies to win market competition," said Li Weifeng, general manager of the company.

The company accelerated implementation of a medicine traceability system.

It developed the application of a supply-processing-distribution system in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment -- and introduced a new back-office management system, electronic tagging sorting system, an information management system for electronic logistics receipts and a transportation management system.

Li said these systems have optimized the acceptance, storage, sorting and distribution processes in the supply, marketing, and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

They have also improved order processing capabilities, reduced goods sorting errors, shortened inventories and delivery times --  reducing logistics costs and improving services of the company.

To adapt to the development of third-party pharmaceutical logistics distribution, build intelligent logistics and expand its distribution services, the company has also carried out a restructuring and information technology upgrade of its existing warehouses.

The spokesman said that the first phase, the technical upgrade, has been completed and the second phase, which is a technical storage upgrade, is at the fund-raising stage.

There are nine pharma wholesale and retail enterprises in Yangquan city and all have begun to develop smart pharmaceutical logistics, according to the Yangquan market regulation bureau. 

"Despite the difficulties in the process, our company will strive to lead the development of smart pharmaceutical logistics in the city," Li added.