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Power company shows the way in smart energy conservation

Updated: 2020-07-16

Yangquan Sunshine Power Generation Co, which supplies heating in winter to over 60 percent of residents in Yangquan city, has been innovating in modern smart production application scenarios in recent years, setting an example for energy conservation and the green development of companies.

In August last year, the company built the first thermal power 5G innovation laboratory in China, which solved technical and management problems encountered in its developments with the 5G network and explored 5G tech applications in the power industry.

The company also introduced virtual reality cameras and augmented reality glasses, to carry out intelligent inspections of production equipment and remote diagnosis by experts, which greatly reduced time and labor costs. 

According to a company spokesman, its managers can now analyze on-site energy data in a timely manner and instruct workers in their operations through a big data system, so as to maximize the company's economic and social benefits.

Through 5G-based management and control, as well as a series of energy-saving measures, the energy consumption of the company has continued to fall while the overall energy efficiency has improved significantly.