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Power company to build smart energy data center in Yangquan

Updated: 2020-06-23

The Yangquan municipal government and State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Co held a launch ceremony in the city on June 19 for the construction of a smart energy data center.

The facility will be the first prefecture city-level energy data center to be operated by State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Co and the project is a move being made by Yangquan to expand its new infrastructure and further the energy revolution. 

Officials said it would have a positive impact on advancing Yangquan's development into a model city for smart energy. 

Mayor Lei Jiankun told the ceremony that the project must focus on data interconnection and sharing and accelerate the application of the digital, network and intelligent technologies in the energy field. She hoped that the center would start trial operations within the current year. 

The project has currently identified eight demonstration applications scenarios -- including online monitoring of key energy-consuming companies, clean energy heating monitoring and regional energy development monitoring.

State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Co will promote the integrated application of energy data and regional economic data during the construction of the smart energy data center. 

The new center will advance the integration of the digital economy and the real economy in Yangquan, according to Zhang Tao, deputy general manager of the company.