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Smart vending machine brings fresh convenience to Yangquan

Updated: 2020-06-17


Workers adjust the fresh food smart vending machine in a community in Yangquan city, on June 13.  It's the second one of its kind put into use in the city. [Photo/yqnews.com.cn]

A smart fresh food vending machine was recently installed and put into use in a community in Yangquan city, located in North China's Shanxi province, bringing a new and high-tech shopping experience to residents. 

The smart vending machine developed by Shanxi Zhonghe Technology Co is composed of three sets of stainless-steel cabinets with each having 10 different vegetable and fruit baskets.

Residents don't need to download special applications for purchasing veggies and fruit from the smart machine. They can just use Alipay or WeChat Pay, two popular mobile financial services apps, to scan a QR code for shopping, according to Lu Lu, a staff member of Shanxi Zhonghe Technology Co.

The weight of the goods and price are automatically displayed on the customers' mobile phones when they take out of vegetables and fruit from the cabinets. Customers can complete the shopping after closing the cabinet doors and click a checkout page on their mobile phones, Lu said. 

Senior residents who are not able to use smartphones can find staff members from Shanxi Zhonghe Technology Co to apply for recharge cards and pay with the cards, Lu added.

The smart vending machine uses automatic settlement technology to simplify the shopping process and shorten the shopping time, which offers more convenient shopping experiences to locals.

In addition, the company has a dedicated person to update and supplement vegetables and fruit in the vending machine every day, to ensure freshness and diversity.