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Yangquan Polytechnic School of Communication

Updated: 2019-05-08


Yangquan Polytechnic School of Communication is one of the city's first state-level key secondary vocational schools, a state-level skill appraisal base in the communication industry, and Yangquan's training institution for practitioners of motor vehicle maintenance and repair. In May 2018, it was successfully listed as one of the first province-level secondary vocational demonstration schools for education reform and development.

The school is located at No 5 Nanzhuang West Road, covering an area of 43 mu (1 mu=666.67 sq. m.) and a gross floor area of 25,000 sq. m. Its total assets include an affiliated driving school and are valued at 45 million yuan.

There are 450 students and 109 staff in the school. Specifically, the faculty includes 89 full-time teachers, 30 with intermediate and senior professional titles, 43 with intermediate professional titles, and 30 double-position teachers; the percentage of teachers who meet academic degree requirements is 100%. Two teachers have master's degrees and 87 have bachelor's degrees.


The school now offers several majors like automotive driving, automotive business, finance and accounting computerization, electronic application and maintenance. Others include automotive application and maintenance, a provincial demonstration major and a national training base that's identified by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport as the training base for automotive application and maintenance professionals in demand, and computer application, a speciality of the school, which has been listed in the reserves of construction projects of the Shanxi vocational education training base.