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Yangquan city celebrates cultural heritage with grand event

Updated: 2024-06-13


A lively artistic performance takes to the stage in Yangquan on June 9. [Photo/Yangquan Evening News]

Yangquan city in North China's Shanxi province recently celebrated its cultural heritage with style and pizzazz by putting on a grand event.

On the evening of June 9, the Night of Intangible Cultural Heritage took place there, as part of the 2024 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day themed series of events.

It featured popular songs, dances and intangible cultural heritage showcases.


A performer vigorously sounds Chinese cymbals during the celebrations. [Photo/Yangquan Evening News]

The event highlighted the city's achievements in intangible cultural heritage preservation, shared compelling stories about the protection of heritage and aimed to foster a strong community spirit in safeguarding cultural heritage.

Certificates and plaques were awarded to new provincial craft masters, the sixth batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage representative projects and key heritage bearers.

The night is said to have emphasized the collective effort in preserving and promoting intangible cultural heritage, creating a vibrant atmosphere of community involvement.


A colorful scene plays out during the event. [Photo/Yangquan Evening News]