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Discover Yangquan city's nightlife: Summer of culture, fun

Updated: 2024-06-05


A glittering overhead view of the Taolingou Scenic Area. [Photo/Yellow River News]

The nights shimmer with romance and a touch of laziness in Yangquan city – in North China's Shanxi province – which is offering a great nighttime experience through night shopping, dining, touring and entertainment.

From dawn till dusk, the excitement in Yangquan seems to double. The Taolingou Scenic Area has become the hottest spot for night activities, featuring Sichuan opera face-changing, Dunhuang flying fairies and traditional folk dramas.

With the rising popularity of summer night tours, the scenic area offers captivating after-dark adventures.


The audience watches closely during a Sichuan opera face-changing performance. [Photo/Yellow River News]

More than 10 regular night folk performances are being staged, using lights and shadow technology and live performances. By exploring classic works, folk culture and national trends, the Taolingou Scenic Area provides an immersive and unforgettable nighttime experience. through "NPC situational performances + intangible cultural heritage shows + real-life interactive experiences."

Visitors transition from being mere spectators to active participants, fully appreciating folk culture. This approach continuously boosts the local night economy, infusing cultural elements into Yangquan's nightlife.

"We arrived at 5 pm and have enjoyed various shows ever since," said a tourist surnamed Qi, who drove from Shijiazhuang with his family.

"The puppet show and the Legend of the Condor Heroes were great, but my favorite was the Sichuan opera face-changing. Traditional folk performances are the best," he added.


Tourists enjoy a performance staged in the scenic area. [Photo/Yellow River News]