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Flower-shaped buns meet barbecue craze in Yangquan

Updated: 2024-05-13


The grilled flower-shaped buns. [Photo/Yellow River News]

On May 8, crowds gathered to try the latest sensation, "Grilled Rose Skewers", at the Sweet Garden Camping Base in the suburbs of Yangquan city. This innovative dish blends traditional flower-shaped buns with modern barbecue techniques, offering a delightful culinary twist.

Crafted by Jia Ruxia, an inheritor for flower-shaped buns in Pingding county's Zhangzhuang town, these skewers are part of a collaborative effort with local barbecue vendors. The result is a series of unique and culturally rich barbecue items.

The pink "roses" at the barbecue stall gleam as they are brushed with oil, emitting an enticing aroma once fully-cooked. Sprinkled with sesame seeds, cumin, and spices, they not only tantalized taste buds but also delighted visually.


The grilled flower-shaped buns. [Photo/Yellow River News]

These products innovate not just in taste but also in presentation, with some shaped like flower buns, while others are shaped like animals, offering a visually appealing array.

This cross-industry collaboration not only enriches culinary experiences, but also contributes to the preservation and promotion of traditional flower bun culture. By integrating with the catering industry, flower bun heritage gains broader recognition and appreciation, showcasing the unique charm of Pingding's cultural heritage.

Jia Ruxia expressed excitement about this partnership, highlighting how it brings a fresh cultural and culinary experience to consumers, while also ensuring that the legacy of flower bun culture continues to flourish.


Tourists enjoy the grilled flower-shaped buns. [Photo/Yellow River News]